About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

Who We Are

It’s very important to believe that you’re the one. We aim to take a different approach in reaching out and helping people along the journey. We stress cultural relevancy and utilize all medias and means to communicate the church message. It’s very important to believe that you’re the one.

What We Believe

A place where a person with no church background can come and feel comfortable and enjoy the service because the atmosphere will be friendly. The sermons are always practical, biblical and relevant. The music is contemporary and upbeat with a praise team and full band.

These dreams are being fulfilled because they are inspired by God!

A church that is fun for the entire family, a church where kids want to go because they have a great time experiencing God’s love. A church that builds families.

Church of A New Revelation is a Non-Denominational Christian Ministry, seeking to bring glory to God. This is accomplished by equipping, empowering and uniting people to impact individuals, families, communities, and cities.

We are committed to the key body of success, which is the Church. It is our belief that the Church can successfully address the problems of within our society. The Church possesses the resources to address the spiritual and moral causes that serve as the basis for the existence of the problems in our society. Through sound biblical teaching and studying, people would become equipped to face life challenges.

We believe that there is a biblical solution to every social problem. The Church is the best institution to properly apply these solutions. Accordingly, we as a local Church, are committed to assisting and cooperating with all believers who share a common vision of soul winning and soul building.

As a Church, we desire to see people change their world through irresistible lifestyles and influential works of service. This, we believe can be done through being passionately committed to Jesus Christ.

We believe in the Holy Trinity. They are God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. They are three separate personalities yet form one being. God the Father creates and generates things. God the Son paid for our sins with his blood when he came on earth, died, and resurrected. He also serves as a mediator between us and God the Father. God the Holy Spirit lives within us, helps us pray, and helps us live godly lives.

We believe that God afforded us grace through His son Jesus Christ to obtain eternal salvation. We believe that the baptism of water represents death and resurrection. We believe that as soon as you accept Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, you must be baptized.